We are rapidly approaching one of the most important events of our church year. Our Deacon election will take place on Sunday, August 11, at 11:00 am. You will be given an official ballot as you come into worship service that morning. You can write up to three names that you wish to serve on the Deaconship for the next three years. These ballots will then be counted and those elected will be announced as soon as they agree to serve. Please begin to pray about God’s leadership in this very important action. I want to remind you of some necessary qualifications for nomination to the Deaconship. He must be a church member in good standing. This means that he must be faithful in attendance to the services. He must be supportive in his giving to the support of the church. He is to have good biblical standards in his family life. He is to be one who promotes his church in both his words and positive attitude. He is to have a good reputation, both in and out of church. Above all, he is to love the Lord and the Lord’s work. Finally, please do not vote for a staff member. It would not be appropriate for a staff member to serve as a Deacon. We currently have nine men who are serving and are not eligible for re-election as Deacon. They are as follows: Bryce Rudasill, Jason Mosley, J. R. Ford, Joe Vaughn, Wayne Seay, Rick Moon, Ron Fine, Richard Chapman and Tommy Pack. Thank you for your prayerful consideration! Brother Jack